Tx-Watt Amp

Truth be known, every popular guitar amp over the last 60 years has been based on only a handful of circuits. T-Watt incorporates the circuits of the most famous 50’s and 60’s tube amps in such a way that the artist can mix and match the circuitry, “voicing” the amp to suit their personal sound. T-Watt amps are built without regard to cost of components. Delivering the perfect sound and tone is our only goal.


S-Watt Amp

Not everyone can afford the best and sometimes convenience is a factor. Previously, that meant having to compromise your sound. However, it is no longer the case with S-Watt. S-Watt is the lighter weight, smaller sized, and more economical version of the Tx-Watt amp, the one widely regarded as the ultimate amplifier. S-Watt is the next best thing to a Tx-Watt providing almost all of the features of a full sized amp but at a much lower price and greater portability, all without sacrificing higher sound quality.



Men and, especially women, LOVE T-Watt apparel! The response has been so great that we are currently redesigning our existing offerings and adding even more.

Our Secret Sauce

The Patent Pending design behind the Tx-Watt / S-Watt Amps make them the most unique on the market allowing musicians to dial it in such that it produces the precise signature sound they have long sought. By combining the most advanced digital electronics driving both British and American circuitry, Tx-Watt / S-Watt Amps offer unrivaled hybrid technology. If similar technology were available in an automobile, it would be in a hybrid vehicle capable of running on an electrical charge, diesel (British), and gas (American) or a mixture of those fuels.

And we back up our amps with star treatment customer service. You can book time in the studio/lab and have one-on-one time an amp designer who will customize the amp/tone stack per your wishes, changing out components that affect tone stack until the you get exactly what you want. You can also A/B different cabinet and speaker combinations. We will get the entire rig dialed in, even down to the pedal board and instrument itself. You can then jam some for fun after which we will go eat at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant and then you can take complete custom rig home. Since we already have both British and American base circuits in place, there’s very little we can’t do to help you achieve the sound you want.

Try one and you’ll see and hear why people say, “There ain’t nothing else like it!

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Amps in Action

CJ Solar: Just Another Day In The Country


Ovrhol Band: I Want You To Go


Carl Weathersby (SXSW 2016 @ Antone’s – Austin, TX)

Sound Matters!

Getting the perfect sound and tone is our only goal.