Tx-Watt Amp

Truth be known, every popular guitar amp over the last 60 years has been based on only a handful of circuits. T-Watt incorporates the circuits of the most famous 50’s and 60’s tube amps in such a way that the artist can mix and match the circuitry, “voicing” the amp to suit their personal sound. T-Watt amps are built without regard to cost of components. Delivering the perfect sound and tone is our only goal.

S-Watt Amp

Not everyone can afford the best and sometimes convenience is a factor. Previously, that meant having to compromise your sound. However, it is no longer the case with S-Watt. S-Watt is the lighter weight, smaller sized, and more economical version of the Tx-Watt amp, the one widely regarded as the ultimate amplifier. Providing almost all of the features of a full sized amp but at a much lower price and greater portability, all without sacrificing higher sound quality.

Featured Video

Carl Weathersby (SXSW 2016 @ Antone’s – Austin, TX)


TX-Watt In Action