Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy different products from a seller using the Internet. The fashion industry has experienced increases in their incomes thanks to this modality. However, consumers experience all kinds of emotions when buying online. Buying a product can become positive or negative experience depending on how easy will be finding it. This is why sellers are designing their website thinking in the online shopping experience.

Beehive Boutique is a small women’s clothing store located in Austin, TX. They offer a wide variety of wardrobe needs- from eclectic jumpsuits to your everyday white tee. I believe redesigning Beehive Boutique’s Website for them as well as their clientele will achieve increased sales, heightened brand awareness, and convenience for customers to support local businesses.

I redesigned a responsive e-commerce site that meets Beehive's needs and goals while focusing on the client’s business goals.

Before and After


As researcher, I wanted to understand how users feel about their online shopping. What features are important for them and how they feel about Beehive website, the overall experience.

In my process, I conducted user interviews to explore more about the user’s feeling. During the interviews I collected information from individuals who were familiar with the online shopping and Beehive Boutique and those who weren't. It was important to engage with a varied user base in order to create a solution that is clear, easy to follow, and not off-putting to any site visitor.

  • 80% of users interviewed were female and 20% male
  • 95% prefers online shopping
  • 100% of the users who were unfamiliar with the site said it felt overwhelmed due quality of pictures, font size and the navigation of Beehive Boutique website
  • 100% want a "good website design" for their online shopping, they'd wanted it clean and user friendly


I conducted an analysis on the Beehive website in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to turn them into an attractive product for the users.


From the interviews conducted, two personas, Liv James and Robert, were created to visually represent the information and insights that were gathered.


In order to create new visuals for Beehive Boutique, I compiled boards in Invision to help plan out all of the necessary categories that were needed for the style guide as well as track market trends.

portfolio img


portfolio img


Responsive Pages

portfolio img portfolio img portfolio img
portfolio img portfolio img portfolio img portfolio img


It's always exciting to watch a product grow and change as we learn more about our customer's needs. I enjoyed researching and creating a more accurate representation of the product for Beehive Boutique.

It would be exciting to incorporate a developer to start implementing the new website, to see the final product already in the hands of customers.